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Don't Worry Be Healthy - Office Wellbeing

Five tips to consider for happiness and wellbeing in the workplace

As we return back to the office its a good time to look at how we deliver our daily activities in the workplace and stimulate our bodies more. Here are some points to consider for happiness and wellbeing in the workplace:

  1. Quantity - Try to avoid prolonged periods of sitting, more movement make people feel better and is good for their health
  2. Quality - Be Active, sit properly, when sitting for longer periods choose a good ergonomic chair that encourages movement of the pelvis allowing nutrition of the back spine
  3. Stand up at work - Stay active at the office, use height adjustable desks. Its easy to change posture while working, reducing the time in the seated position.
  4. Stand up during meetings - Sometimes this might seem impossible, but to have stand up meetings around poser height tables with stools or no seating can improve concentration, creativity and stimulation of the body.
  5. Flexible office design - New smart working concepts of communication, concentration, collaboration need to provide different areas for people to choose how they work to deliver their activities and tasks. Combining benches with high desks and different work settings will help achieve an active attitude, increase blood circulation and better brain activity, which leads to more healthiness and effectiveness in the workplace.

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